Scottsdale, A limousine Adventure Tale

Scottsdale, A limousine Adventure Tale

Scottsdale AZ is one of the Top Ten most desirable cities in the United States to live in. There are hundreds of Fun adventures in Scottsdale and home prices in Scottsdale in comparison to other top destination cities are fantastic. Below are just a few more ideas for guest and locals seeking ideas for fun things to do while searching for a home to buy in Scottsdale, adjacent Paradise Valley or Phoenix.

Take a ride in Style Scottsdale -Play time

Limousines are not just for whisking the bride and groom away to a romantic get away.  There are also for not treating you, your friends, family and surprise guest to a few of these …absolutely fabulous limousine adventures.
Let’s be honest.. when you are surrounded by success or items of matter how successful you are … you feel and create an energy of more well being. So treat yourself and those around you to the fun !

Hey.. It’s your Birthday.. why not grab 5 or 6 of your best Friends and hit the Town in Style.  Set up a series of Fun Places to go in Scottsdale and let the Chauffeur take care of the rest.. and while your out… seeing how everyone in Scottsdale is so friendly you might as well make some friends along the way and take them with you.

It’s brrrrr cold back East….  and old friend calls you and wants to get together in your winter playground of Scottsdale, Why not do make the visit extra special and make him an even better friend for life pic your friend(s) up in a limousine and let the Scottsdale excursion begin there.

Married…and are the kids spending the weekend at camp.???? bout a nice surprise for the misses or the hubby… have hom or her picked up in limousine and whisk away to home,  where they are greeted with a kiss and two packed bags for a night or weekend adventure.

About to have a third date?? .. dates one and two went really well… really want to have a story to tell … lol, even if there is not a forth date… get the limousine , the tuxedo-ed driver with white gloves , some cold sparkly and let the fun begin. With the limosine you are already half way there to epic !

Your son or daughters first day at school ? or just a big event for them…. or do they need a little pick me up?? Blow them a way !!! with being picked up in a limousine.. it’s may just be ride but imagine the fun they will have telling their friends.. and the big hug you will get for surprising them by doing one more special thing for them.

Did someone at the house WOW everyone? Here is your chance to become an even more beloved employer… yes, my friend, take everyone out to ???  you pick the spot in a luxury limousine.. I guarantee, almost everyone is going to work just that much harder for you but more importantly you will be putting a smile on a lot of faces.

Looking for a home to buy in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley. Yes sir, Yes mam !  No better way to view lots of homes for sale in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley than on a Sunday in a limousine!  I promise, not only will you have fun.. but every Scottsdale Realtor will absolutely take you very seriously.

Want to give a little gift of luxury? Surprise a friend, a relative or a family member with a tour of maybe one of their favorite things,
how bout a tour of all the best ice cream and donut shops in Scottsdale ??  Or a tour of… you name it get creative.  There are all sorts of fun things to do and this amazing beautiful city. Go out and enjoy everyday. Work hard…but play harder.

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